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This script is a reporting tool for Hyper-V environments:
  • As a per-server reporting tool, for non SCVMM environments;
  • As a full environment reporting tool for SCVMM environments.


Get-HVReport.PS1 -Server <String> -ServerType <String> -OutputType <String> -OutputFile <String> -NoBanner -GPL <CommonParameters>


Create a report describing the virtual environment managed by a given server. Reports describe the structure of the environment (either a single server, or a complete environment managed with System Center Virtual Machine Manager).
Reports describe the current list of Virtual Machines and their basic configurations. The level of load is not calculated for a virtual machine; this makes the generation of the report possible in a large WAN environment without impacting on WAN performance.

The following basic information is collected, and saved, for the host each host in a Cluster or an SCVMM environment:
  • Number of CPUs
  • Total Memory
  • Free Memory
  • Number of Virtual Networks and configurations
The following basic information is collected, and saved, for each VM:
  • CPU (Count and specification). Standalone Hyper-V Servers report a Pentium-III 1.0GHz processor for compatibility and comparison with SCVMM reports and configuration
  • Memory allocation
  • Hard Disk allocation
  • Network Connections
  • Owner SCVMM Only
  • Cost Centre SCVMM Only
  • Description
Reporting on standalone servers requires the PSHyperV library, available at:
Reporting on System Center Virtual Machine Manager environments requires the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Administrator Console. For more information on System Center Virtual Machine Manager, visit the Microsoft web site at:


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