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Publishing Reports

There's little value in reports that aren't accessible when you need them. While some of the report types (CSV and XML) are self-contained, the HTML reports require that you have the CSS stylesheets (which define the colours and layout) and the images folder (which surprisingly, contains the images used in the reports).

Creating a Publishing Point

A publishing point for reports contains a base set of items (content) plus any Hyper-V Reporter outputs - XML, HTML or CSV files. Apart from this, however, a publishing point is just a filesystem folder - so you can put it where-ever you wish.

Here's what it should look like, with the base content:

Make sure you put your output files in the root of your publishing point.

Publishing Content - File Share

Just share the folder using Windows Explorer (or your choice of tools) and tell the readers where to find the reports:


If they open the HTML file in their web browser, everything should "just work".

Publishing Content - Web Server (IIS)

It's entirely up to you - you can create a new web site with a host header, on an existing web server; or you can create a new Virtual Directory on an existing web site. In either case, point the IIS configuration at your publishing point.

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